HS-610 Flat Labeling Machine

Application Scope:

Designed for surface labeling operations like food, medicals, cosmetics, hardware, stationery, electronics, audiotape, videotape, CD box, carton…etc.




► This labeler is able to connect wit conveyor in production line.

► Labeling position and labeler height are adjustable.

► Stepping motor driven label applicators.

► Fine or coarse adjustments are easily made to suit various product size and labeling positions.

► Adopt Delta Electronics PLC based control panel on the human machine interface allows easy learning and simple operation.

► 60 lots cross memory module records the labeling setting methods, boosting productivity and speeds up changeover process.

► Made of 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, in strict compliance with GMP standards.



Standard model can be designed of installed other devices as per demand difference of customer:

► Hot Stamping Coding Machine

► Transparent Label Sensor(Germany SICK Brand)

► Feeding Machine(For Flat Paper Box, Envelope, Aluminum Bag, etc.)


Labeling Video Demo: