Accumulate more than ten years of professional experience and reputation, abundant knowledge and programme ability, insist the performance principle of creativity, efficiency and quality. We provide whole service to respond market and customer's need, and have participated in manufacturing each kinds of packing machine, including automatic labeling equipment and whole plant planning. We develop by creative spirit, insist high-quality technique service, and further achieves the convenience of humanity machine operation. The simple of using, repairing and maintenance, totally reach the goal of automatically manufacture and safety. We have been recognized about our accurate high quality on designing labeling machine, and are able to do more flexible modification and professional design on standard machine in accordance with customer needs.

In addition, we readily response to the change of the market, and developed models which are conform to customer needs. We have already transcended traditional standard type machine, and developed labeling machine for high-tech industry product, such as computer parts, electronics parts, and irregular products that require accurate labeling. Our service and quality has been trust and recognized by our client. We absolutely will work harder in the future. Pleasure to be at your service, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


◆ Labeling Machine 貼標機
◆ High Speed Wrap Around Labeling Machine 
◆ Horizontal Wrap Around Labeling Machine
◆ Double Side Labeling Machine 
◆ All Kind of Specially Labeling Machine 
◆ Auto Filling Machine 
◆ Induction Type Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine 
◆ Packing Machine